Trigonometry Tutor Videos -Over 12 Hours-15 Topics

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This dvd prepares a student to be successful in pre-calculus and beyond. Topic covered in the dvd include sine, cosine, secant, cosecant, tangent & cotangent functions, DeMoivre’s theorem and more. Each example is explained in a step by step fashion that allows the student to follow the logic. Once again, central to my videos I endeavor to teach the student how to think mathematically. This dvd is an excellent complement to your lectures and can be used with any textbook that your instructor may be using for this course. I am passionate about mathematics as well as teaching and I hope that in all of my dvd you can see this. I hope to ignite some passion in the student too who is taking math at this level.

Topics in Trig Video Over 12 Hours-15 Topics

1. The Unit Circle
2. Trig Functions of Real Numbers
3. Sine & Cosine Graphs
4. Cosecant & Secant Graphs
5. Tangent & Cotangent Graphs
6. Angle Measure
7. Trig of Right Triangles
8. Law of Sines
9. Law of Cosines
10. Proving Trig Identities
11. Addition and Subtraction Rules
12. Double Angle, Reduction of Power and Half Angle  Formulas
13. Inverse Trig Functions
14. Solving Trig Equations
15. DeMoivre's Theorem



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