Probability Theory Tutor -Over 24 Hours- 35 Topics

This Probability video covers 35 topics in over 24 hours. This prob video is made by working out numerous examples in easy to follow, logical steps. The topics covered include principle of counting, Bayes' formula, expected values and Chebyshev's inequality and more. Each topic is covered thoroughly to give a student the understanding to work out problems on their own. The video is a great resource in any statistics course and will insure student’s success.


Topics in Video- Over 24 Hours- 35 Topics
1 Principle of Counting
2 Permutations
3 Combinations
4 More Combination and Permutation problems
5 Sample Space and Events
6 Axioms of Prob.
7 Simple Propositions
8 Sample spaces with equally likely outcomes
9 Prob. as a Continuous Set Function
10 Conditional Prob.
11 Bayes' Formula
12 Independent Events
13 Random Variables
14 Distribution Function
15 Expected Values
16 Expectation of a function of a Random Variable
17 Variance
18 Binomial Random Variables
19 Properties of Binomials Random Variables
20 Poisson Random Variable
21 Geometric Random Variables
22 Hypergeometric Random Variables
23 Negative Binomial Random Variables
24 lntro To Continuous Random Variables
25 Expectation of a Continuous Random Variables
26 Uniform Random Variables
27 Normal Random Variables
28 Jointly Distributed Random Variables
29 Independent Random Variables
30 Sum of Independent RV
31 Conditional Distribution-Discrete Case
32 Conditional Distribution-Continuous Case
33 Expectation of Sums of Random Variables
34 Covariance, Variance of Sums
35 Chebyshev's Inequality and the weak law of large numbers


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