Physics Tutor-Over 23 Hours-26 Topics

The Physics 1 Video covers 26 topics covered in over 23 hours. Each topic is covered by doing numerous examples with thorough explanation of each step. Topics in the video include vectors, adding and subtracting vectors, average velocity, free falling bodies, projectile motion, uniform circular motion and more. To be successful in math and physics one has to master the earlier learned skills. Higher math builds upon lower math and my focus is to make math and physics enjoyable and exciting so that students look forward to future courses. Many students have physics phobia because most instructors teach it as a “dry”, impersonal and boring subject that they must take. I make physics engaging and if students learn physics my way they build life skills, they learn to think and can solve any similar problems in the future. My videos are creatively made to help the weakest students.


Physics 1 Topics - Over 23 Hours-26 Topics


Addition of Vectors

Resolution & Addition of Vectors

Multiplication of Vectors

Average velocity

Instantaneous Velocity

1 Dimensional Motion-Variable Velocity


1 Dimensional Motion-Constant Acceleration

Free Falling Bodies

Projectile Motion

Uniform Circular Motion

Newton's Law of Motion

Frictional Forces

The Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion

Work Done by a Constant Force

Work Done by a Variable Force-1-D Case (Calculus Based)

Kinetic Energy and The Work Energy Theorem


1-D Conservative System

2-D & 3-D Conservative System

Center of Mass

Motion of Center of Mass

Impulse and Momentum

Collision in 1-D

Collision in 2-D



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