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The Calculus video prepares a student to be successful in Calculus 2, Physics and beyond. Topics covered include Infinite Limits, Product & Quotient Rules, Curve Sketching Polynomials, Optimization Problems and more. Each example is explained in a step by step fashion that allows the student to follow the logic. Once again, central to my videos, I endeavor to teach the student how to think mathematically. This Calculus video is an excellent complement to your lectures and can be used with any textbook that your instructor may be using for this course. I am passionate about mathematics as well as teaching and I hope that in all of my tutorials you can see this. I hope to ignite some passion in the student too who is taking math at this level.

Topics in Calculus Tutor Video Over 20 Hours-27 Topics

  1. An Introduction to Limits
  2. Techniques For Evaluating Limits
  3. Continuity
  4. Infinite Limits
  5. Epsilon-Delta Proofs
  6. Derivation of the Definition of The Derivative and  Alternate Derivative
  7. Using Derivative & Alternate Derivative Formula
  8. 1st Derivative Rules
  9. Product & Quotient Rules
  10. General Power Rule and Chain Rule
  11. Implicit Differentiation
  12. Related Rates
  13. More Related Rates
  14. Extrema on an Interval
  15. Rolle's Theorem & Mean Value Theorem
  16. 1st & 2nd Derivative Test & Point of Inflections
  17. Fun With 1st & 2nd Derivatives
  18. Limits at Infinity
  19. Curve Sketching Polynomials
  20. Curve Sketching Non-Polynomials
  21. Optimization Problems
  22. Approximations
  23. Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integrals
  24. Basic Sigma Notations
  25. Using Sigma Notation
  26. Calculating Area Using Upper & Lower Rectangles
  27. Calculating Area Using Limits


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