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The Bus Calculus Videos prepares students for their entry level business courses and beyond. Topics covered include introduction to limits, techniques for evaluating limits, continuity, 1st derivative rules, optimization problems, curve sketching, marginal analysis, exponential decay and growth, calculating area using limits and more. Each topics is thoroughly discussed with step by step examples that will help students think through and work out similar math problems.

Topics in Business Calculus Over 31 Hours-46 Topics

1. An Introduction to Limits

2. Techniques for Evaluating Limits

3. Continuity

4. Derivation of the Definition of The Derivative and Alternate Derivative

5. Using Derivative & Alternate Derivative Formula

6. 1st Derivative Rules

7. Product and Quotient Rules

8. General Power Rule and Chain Rule

9. Implicit Differentiation

10. Related Rates

11. More Related Rates

12. Extrema on an Interval

13. 1st and 2nd Derivative Test & POI

14. Optimization Problems

15. Bus. and Economics Applications

16. Limits at Infinity

17. Curve Sketching Polynomials

18. Curve Sketching Non -Polynomials

19. Marginal Analysis

20. Exponential Functions

21. Differentiation & Integration of Exponential Functions

22. Logarithmic Functions

23. Laws of Logarithms

24. Differentiation of Logarithmic Functions

25. Integration of Logarithmic Functions

26. Exponential Decay and Growth

27. Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integrals

28. Rules of Integration

29. Area of a Region Between Two Curves

30. Calculating Area Using Limits

31. The Disc Method

32. Shell Method

33. Volume of Solids With Known Cross Sectional Area

34. Trigonometric Substitution

35. Integration By Parts

36. Finding Present Value

37. Partial Fractions

38. Trapezoidal Rule

39. Simpson Rule, n = even

40. Surfaces in Space

41. Intro to Functions of Several Variables

42. Partial Derivatives

43. Extrema of Functions of Two Variables

44. Lagrange Multipliers

45. Iterated Integrals and Area in the Plane

46. Double Integrals and Volume



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