Math Tricks Tutor-Over 8 hours in length

My 8 hour math video says it all!! View the 11 minute sample video and see how fast and easily you can amaze your friends at how quickly you can square any number that ends in a 5 or approximate the square root of any number and much more- ALL IN YOUR HEAD!!

Math Topics

1 How to square a number that ends in 5
2 How to multiply by 11
3 How to multiply a number from 11 through 19 by another number
4 How to multiply two numbers between 11 through 19
5 How to multiply two two-digit numbers that are close to one another
6 nice array of numbers
7 Amazing Symmetries
8 Birthday Trick
9 Say this number, please
10 Adding left to right
11 Subtracting left to right and complements
12 Multiplying a 2-3 digit number by a 1 digit number
13 Squaring Numbers
14 Multiplying two 2-digit Numbers
15 Multiplying Using Factors
16 Squaring 3 Digit Numbers
17 Adding up the 1st n Counting Numbers
18 Dividing by a 1 or 2 Digit Number
19 Divisibility Rules
20 Guesstimation
21 Estimates and Exact Values of Square Roots
22 Pencil and Paper Multiplication

Math Tricks & Fun! $50
Pre Algebra thru Pre Calculus $80 Contains Pre Alg, Basic Alg, Intermediate/College Alg, Trig, Pre Calculus,
Pre Algebra thru Calculus 3 $140 Contains Pre Alg, Basic Alg, Intermediate/College Alg, Trig, Pre Calculus, Calculus I,II & III


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